This is a historical document encircling the events before, during, and after The Trogg War and The Radiation of Gnomeregan.

Shortly after our alliance with the dwarves, the War of the Three Hammers occurred, splitting our neighours into the Wildhammers, Dark Irons and Ironforge dwarves of today. When the orcs arrived we gnomes aided the Alliance greatly in the Second War, but couldn't help out at all in the invasion of the Burning Legion, also known as The Third War.


A hate from the depths of the world rose to destroy us all

The Trogg ThreatEdit

This was due the trogg invasion that occurred when architect and engineer Hick Farklespitz's idea of expanding Gnomeregan and creating a new tunnel from The Hall of Gears was approved by High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque and put to action.

It was there the troggs was found. They lay hidden, dormant in small tunnels, tiny caves and mere cracks within Gnomemountain. As the digging machines and the explosives opened up further a whole new civilization was discovered: a large cavern, overpopulated with troggs.

The troggs killed Hick and his diggteams and then proceeded through the tunnel and attacked The Hall of Gears, which they quickly claimed. Gnomeregan's defenses was mustered, and so began The Gearsiege.

The GearsiegeEdit

Technomages was used to transport the gnomish troops inbetween The Dormitories, The Clockwork Run and The Hangar for attacks against the troggs. Robots, warriors and steam warriors all arose, prepared to defend our city. For a month the siege continued, our robots incapable of following the fast movements of the troggs, and our warriors unable to withstand most damage taken from them. However, as long as the robots could keep the troggs away, the warriors could pick them of with their rifles, snipers and zappers. The lack of space made it practicly impossible to utilize any flying machines and as usual the Spider Tanks, also known as multistriders, were highly ineffective, contsantly tangling itself on it's own legs, occasionally causing heavy losses through friendly fire.

Fact is, that with all with all the robots and trogg bodies piling up in the tunnel entrances, the battles would eventually end in a strained silence. This silence would remain for minutes or days, before groups of troggs would burst out from underneath the trash and corpses and suprise unexpecting gnome troops. (Today these tunnels are clean, the troggs having eaten all corpses for food, and the leper gnomes having scavenged all robotic parts.)

The Alliance and the betrayerEdit

But what of the Alliance? How many times had we gnomes not helped them? Surely, they should be able to aid in such a dire situation as the city under siege?

Yes. Perhaps they could have.

However, knowing that their allies had bigger problems, the Gnomeregan goverement, on the suggestion of Mekkatorques top advisor, Sicco Thermaplug, hushed up the war, keeping it a secret to all but the gnome population.

The front brokenEdit

Meanwhile, the troggs endless numbers seemed to make the battles futile. Even bombs was used within the permimiter of Gnomeregan, with the hope of destroying some greater amount of the troggs, yet all to soon they started recognizing them and as such they fled whenever a technomage placed it out with a teleport. Mines soon also became ineffective as the troggs spotted and destroyed them before they had any chance to activate.

Soon we retreated, leaving the Gnomeregan Mobile Infantry to hold them back at shaft 15B. however, they became stranded, as the mages failed to locate them at first, causing the Siege of Maintenance, where the Mobile Infantry was forced to eat their own rams. Luckily, the technomages located them eventually and transported them away.

The Clockwork Run was the next place of battalion, our forces trying to push the troggs back, and the troggs trying the same against us, making the battlefront to move back and forth during the long days and nights. The Hangar simply locked up tight.

Battle in The HangarEdit

Around the time when the Clockwork Battle was lost, the doors of The Hangar finally gave way to the mindless pounding fists of the troggs, and they bursted in. The Mechanoriders fought valiantly as the Gnomeregan Flight Brigade, under the leadership of Gaeval Thunderblast, did the impossible and performed the only known air assault within a mountain. They rained down upon the troggs and gave them hell, but when the Mechanoriders losses was becoming overwhelming they were forced to land at the launch bay and leave The Hangar to the troggs. Honour and respect goes to the six pilots of the Flight Brigade who stayed and killed the troggs until their planes ran out of fuel under the leadership of Horrace Spingear.

However, the Engineering Labs was now lost, meaning no more maintenace of quipement, lack of fuel for the machines and temporary power losses throughout Gnomeregan's tunnels. And the doors between the Train Depot and The Workshop was not going to hold much longer...

A final solutionEdit

With these heavy losses, all plans failing, and Gnomeregan now being overrun by the troggs, Mekgineer Sicco Thermaplug, at the last Gnomeregan-based meeting of The High Council, suggested emergency venting of the city's radioactive waste tanks.

A small group of elite soldiers from the Mechanoriders, Flight Brigade, and Mobile Infantry aswell as a number of top engineers was chosen to lead their force of warrior and robots under command of archmage Brigitte Fusefire into enemy territory and activate the emergency venting bomb.

They teleported into The Engineering Labs and immediatly began to work, hoping to atlast save their beloved home.

This operation was, despite heavy casualties, successfull.

The gnomes evacuated as well as they could, waiting fo the troggs to die, or atleast flee.

The BetrayalEdit

But as the radioactive waste water drained, dispite being heavily irradiated, the troggs assault continued, with even worse results, as the troggs now infected the gnomes they fought with the radiation. The gnomes now fled Gnomeregan, yet many failed to escape, becoming mutated by the radiation, suffering cognitive and physical degradation, colloquially and inaccurately known as gnomish leporsy!

Later on it was discovered that this was the plan of Sicco Thermaplugg all along. He had almost been chosen for High Tinker, and as revenge for not being picked by the council he fooled Mekkatorque into unleashing the radiation. If something has ever been non-gnomish, then making the whole race pay for one gnome's hate surely was as un-gnomish as it gets. Never has such pettiness ever been noted throughout the history of gnomekind!

Many succombed to the radioactive waste and are now all servants of the deranged Mekgineer Sicco, who rules them all from within Tinker's Court.

The High Tinker led the Gnomeregan Exiles away from Gnomeregan and over to the dwarven lands in the east. Today he rules from the old Gnomeregan embassy in Ironforge called Tinker Town.

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