This is an unofficial version by me, since Feeb has been unable to comment on the origin story of TGG

Official GIA Informational File

Filename: Squadron 21 (twentyone)

(Nickname/also known as:"The Gigaflux Squad")

General InformationEdit

Sqaudron 21 was a small unit in the War of Gnomeregan (also known as The Great Sub-War, or The Trogg War). It was noted for it's charismatic leader, Feeb Beepblaster and the fact that while suffering it's share of casualities, it was a squadron with very high survivability. Even the radiation couldn't kill them off, as almost every induvidual escaped the catastrophe of The War. They all went seperate ways after it, seeking their own way in life.

When the members of 21 reunited in Tinker Town, some length of time later, they decided to reforge the squad in a feeling of nostalgia. This however occurred the same time as Gelbin Mekkatorque was forced to finally deal with Gnomeregan's millitary disarray (which had followed the end of the war) by Gnomeregan's High Council. This had been postponed for some time by Mekkatorque, who claimed there was much organising needing to be done surroundig the refugees. The High Council, however, did not agree with Gelbin's ideas of further stabilized homes. They did not agree that the war was over, but rather insisted that the High Tinker continued the fight for their home. Gelbin gave in with doubts, atleast agreeing on the fact that there was still those in need of help to leave the overrun city.

It was mere chance that put the revival of The Gigaflux Squad along with the reorginization of Gnomeregans Millitary Arms. A chance that the High Tinker would take advantage of.

When hearing that veteran-hero and medal winner Feeb Beepblaster was in town, Gelbin found a solution to his problem: he would be able to continue his oh so dishonorable and silly work for his people, and leave the great honor of leading the armed forces (as insisted by the High Council) to Beepblaster.

He approached Feeb the day after the toast that had made the squad reunite and gave him an offer he couldn't refuse, even if he wanted to.

Gelbin drew up a simple contract. What the contract more or less said, was that Feeb would hereby accept his leaderhip of the millitary forces of Gnomeregan as Flux Marshal. It also granted him a very, very loose leash, being only lightly forced to answer to the High Tinker (and not the High Council).

With slight hesitation, Feeb Beeplblaster became the first Flux Marshal in history, and so, in an odd twist of fate and politics, the Gigaflux Guard was born, a semi-guard and millitary force.

Present Status: Integrated into the new Gnomeregan army, The Gigaflux Guard.

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