Leopold Garpetto was a First Cadet in the Gigaflux Guard. A bald gnome with an extraordinary moustache, he was the mix of a goblin and gnome: just as crazy as every gnome, but obsessed with gold and every other form of wealth.


Leopold, or "Garp" as most called him, was an inventor but refused to share any of it if it wasn't for a ridiculously high ammount of gold. Some of his most famous inventions were different variants of the walkie talkie, rechargable beer goggles, nightvision goggles, a map tracker and of course, the NU Ray-series. The infamous NU Ray was able to strip anyone in the vicinity of a magnet of his/her clothes, something that Leopold often used to prank his superiors or to make a fool of the Humans and Elves that acted way too serious and thought of themselves as the best thing since chocolate candy bars.

Gone with the windEdit

Little is known about Garpetto's disappearance. All that is known is that he left a note at the Gigaflux office in Ironforge reading:

"Gone fishing. With some new explosives I'm testing. Will be back soon. Don't worry.

Signed, Leopold."

It is the last known trace of Garpetto, and all that is left to remember him now, is the water dispenser in the Gigaflux office... Which hopefully hasn't been destroyed yet, or Leopold will come back to haunt you all, even if he isn't dead.

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