This is an article on The Gnomish Military, present day and pre-trogg.

The gnomish armyEdit

We gnomes of Gnomeregan never had that much of an army in the first place. The closest thing to a city guard was The Gnomeregan Security And Protection Agency, which half of time acted more like a small army of public lawyers than law enforcers. If fighting was required then the robots were called in. There was the Gnomeregan Aerial Squad, but they tended to patroll Khaz Modan most of the time. Frostmane hold was nearby and so our Mobile Infantry tended to handle them alongside the dwarven mountaineers.

But when things went bad and the cards were hurled onto the table we were able to pull together and amass enough numbers to atleast keep Gnomeregan for over a month. Most of our soldiers wasn't very thoroughly trained yet, but they soon either got the grip of things, or died trying. And the reason why today gnomish warriors are a rare sight when compared to the amount of scientist is because all our warriors died or became radiated. The Trogg War attacked our small millitary forces and fully extinguished them. Most of todays gnomes are the ravaged and rugged survivors of a horrible and high-tech war from the underworld that they only survived because they didn't fight in it. But there are exceptions, and with the Gigaflx Guard afoot things are turning.

The Trogg War ArmyEdit

The Trogg War came to produce the greatest number of gnomish fighters ever recorded in history. The inofficial Steam Fighters became recruited and made an official part of the army. The Rifle Rangers were an effect out of the newly made Plain Gun, noted for being easy to use, cheap to make and a weapon for the everygnome. Those mages that had dabbled in technology on the side were turned into the awe inspiring Technomages of Gnomeregan and the city's robots were almost all rebuilt and repurposed for battle. From the builders that had worked in gnomeregan for a long time the Gnomeregan Explosives and Detonation Division was born.

The military branches emerged rapidly and our ability to sufficiently keep it all under controll, draft up the jurisdictions and make it run smoothly is a testament of gnomish bureaucracy at it's finest. They Gnomeregan Military Units were as follows:

G-MI Gnomeregan Mobile Infantry

The GMI was specialized in using the large Dun Morogh Rams, often purchased from the dwarves of Ironforge. The rams could carry several fully armored gnomes and tended to resist hits even better than the Mechanostriders. Ususally they operated outside the city, but did their fair part in the war, such as the battle of shaft 15B, also known as The Siege of Maintenance.

G-ADS Gnomeregan Aerial Defense Squad

Before The Fall of Gnomeregan the skies around Gnomemountain was always filled with gnomish flying machines. They could scout quite far and was occasionall sent for bombing missions during the Second War. In The Trogg War, the flying machines made little if any difference, as it was fought within the city, Gnomeregan not being the most ideal place to fly in.

G-ASS Gnomeregan Aquatroops, Surface and Submerging

During the Second War the gnomish submarines and naval machines recieved their first real battle experience, the result proving that the only truly well-made inventions on the ships was the life-jackets. That, however, was not the end of the navy, as the gnomes of Gnomeregan was fast to build anew, creating ships acctually likely of survival, and causing a cutting edge to the alliance navy, until finally being outmanoeuvered by the goblins smaller and faster battlepods. Today the marine has been relocated to Stormwind Harbor area, with the exception of the subsoldier divison, which location has become classified information.

G-EDD Gnomeregan Explosives and Detonation Division

Bombs and explosives was always an ace up the sleeve for the Alliance. Even when the orcs partnered with the goblins, gnomish sapper teams was experts at calculated detonations and could easily blow away the ground on which the Horde marched on right before their noses, the alliance troops possibly only a few feet away, not even dirty from the dustclouds.

G-IA Gnomish Intellegence Agency

Gnomish Intelligence was well known for their carefullness and tactical espionage that always brought new information to the commanders. This is not as much he case any more, as Gnomish Intelligence no longer takes orders from The High Council and tends to "defend gnomekind" a bit to drasticly, oftenly endangering poltics with the other races. Hardly anything isn't calssified information these days.

G-RR Gnomeregan Rifle Rangers

The rifle rangers was very good at snipering and long distance attacks with their precisionate guns, oftenly never giving enemy troops any chances to get close.

G-RTS Gnomeregan Robotic Troops, Suportive

Gnomeregan robotic troops were wonderful. Truly there is nothing so relaxing as knowing that there now will be a living guardian of metal standing inbetween you and the thing trying to hammer your head flat to the ground.

Atleast when they worked, but a few heavy hits to the noggin' and they would Malfunction with a big M. And truly there is nothing more terrifiyng then a Crowd Pummeler swinging it's arms without controll. When the things worked, they worked wonders. When they didn't work it was time to stop wondering and thrown oneself to the ground.

G-ATU Gnomeregan Arcane and Technological Unit

The ATU was the home of the technomages. Wielding spells and stunguns they were some of the most usefull and most wanted troops on the field.

G-TFO Gnomeregan Techno Fighters' Offensive

The Tecno Fighters' Offensive included the few millitary enlisted steamwarriors that excisted in Gnomeregan, the many mechanoriders, the occasional multistrider pilots, and the few elite battlesuit fighters.

G-SMARTDUDE Gnomeregan Scientific, Medicinal, Architectural, Robotic, and Technological Design, Upkeep and Development Enlisters

SMART-DUDE was a fairly large unit, consisting of the scientists in technology and engineering, the doctors of the gnomish medicinal squads and the very builders of gnomeregan itself. Although he whole department wasn't millitary, a large part did millitary advising and the doctors certainly helped out in the field with stitching up wounds and soldiers. A nice bunch, although not always very polite towards the simple soldier.

The Current Day ArmyEdit

As of today these units are more or less gone as the many organizations lost such a masive number of gnomes in The War. Today there is more or less:

The Gigaflux Guard - With a massive area of protection as Stormwind, Tinker Town, Ironforge, Gnomeregan and Khaz Modan in general.

Gnomish Intelligence - This unit is currently under Alliance command and mainly serves the orders of King Magni, The High Tinker and King Varian. Has been known to work with SI:7 at occasions.

Gnomeregan Aquatroops, Surface and Submerging - As already mentioned the surface division is currently located in Stowmind Harbor and the subdivision is classified information.

The Toshley Research Expidition - A large number of mechanoriders aswell as ranged troopers who were sent to help protect the High Council's intrests in Outland reserach and experimentation.

Gnomeregan Aerial Defense Squadron - The bulk of the aerial defense unit is currenly in Northrend (never having much of a chance in Outland due to lack of landing spaces and surfaces -it was only quite recently that the Gyrocopter X-model was released, allowing for vertical landings), Borean Thundra to be excact. Along with them are a number of the alliance employed war-engineers and free-lance researchers hoping to study Northrend. The others patroll the Khaz Modan mountains and are acounted for as part of The Gigaflux Guard.

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