Falkireohan Tinkersmith is one of the two Lieutenatrons of the Guard.

Falkireohan is one of the fastest rank-climbers in Gigaflux, ever.. He achieved this by being loved by both the non-officers aswell as the officers. Falkireohan also invented the scrap-system, bought the noticeboard and many other things for the Guard.

Previous lifeEdit

Chapter One: Gatherer of GnomereganEdit

If you lived in Gnomeregan years ago, you'd probably know the name 'Tinkersmith'. The Tinkersmiths were known for their great Engineering. The Falkireohan Alchemistmost famous of all, Falkireohan Tinkersmith, is also known as the inventor of the Automechanic Hyper-Invator, an essential part in many devices. Falkireohan was a happy man, and made loads of money on his invention. He and his wife birthed one son. They decided to name their son after it's father: Falkireohan Tinkersmith 2nd.

From young age, Falkireohan never had any interest in the family’s obsession. No, brewing potions and gathering herbs was what truly interested him. He went out often to gather herbs for in his Alchemy Kit. But one day, while he was doing that, a horde of limping creatures were approaching from the distance…

Most of the Tinkersmiths died when the troggs attacked Gnomeregan. Known, only Falkireohan Senior and junior survived. Dad and son had eachother. Falkireohan Sr. never gave any money to his son, because he thought Falkireohan 2nd had to learn to make money himself. They got adopted by their dwarvish brethren in Ironforge, but soon after, Falkireohan Senior died out of a failed Engineering experiment. Falkireohan 2nd had a hard time, but also, a massive inheritance of his father.

With all the money, Falkireohan junior decided to quit his job in the Deeprun Tram and start living a relaxed life in Ironforge. Now an expected thing happened: He got bored. The only thing that really kept him busy was his alchemy: Inventing new potions, experimenting, and more of this. It was just that... he wanted more.

Chapter Two: Competing in the CompetitionEdit

Falk wanted to enter the physical world. At first, arena battling seemed great. He left ‘everything’ behind, and took the boat to Tanaris, where Falkireohan Gladiatorhe registered for the Cool Crawler Competition Concerning Collars and Canibalism. Unfortunately it seemed that arena battling... wasn't really his thing. In his first two fights he stood against an armoured Goblin and a dwarf the audience named 'Headhungry'. Both fights were... negatively resultable. Aye, let's keep it like that.

Falkireohan didn't give up. In his third fight, which was going to be against one of the hungry scorpions from Tanaris, he decided his last option was cheating. Using his own-invented "Elixir of Brutal Muscles", he battled against the scorpion, and won!

Still, with Falk's lack of luck, it was to be expected that they caught him somewhere. And indeed, they tracked the elixir in his blood. Falk was set back on the boat to Menethil Harbour with nothing but a black eye, many, many broken bones and a sad face.

Chapter Three: Affinitive with ArcanismEdit

Now still, he had nothing to do but experimenting with bottles, which, after a few months, got boring again. Nobody knows how he made the decision, but Falkireohan finally found his thing: Learning magic.

There are two ways to learn to use magic: Falkireohan ArcanistOne is to simply go to school and follow classes, where you have to do exactly what your teachers tell you to. The other one is learn everything by yourself, with a one-hundred percent risk to acidentally blow yourself up some time. Falkireohan picked the mid-way. What he basically did, is... buy... tomes, and do the studying himself.

Locking himself up in his room for several months with nothing to eat but dried crackers, Falkireohan learned all the basic and intermediate magic skills. Divination, Conjuration, Illusion, Abjuration, and mostly, Transmutation. Teleporting himself around in his circled room all the time got his pinky stuck in one of the bookcases.

After months, mastering loads of spells, Falkireohan finally got out of his room. He moved to Stormwind, and soon after got friends with Elavyn Moonshade and the Stormwind City Watch.

Chapter Four: Ganking with GigafluxEdit

After randomly helping the Stormwind City Watch out more than once using his magic, Falkireohan wanted to join an organisation of property himself. He sent a proper letter to their Flux Marshal, and joined The Gigaflux Guard in Ironforge. Soon after, he got promoted to Cadet. But even remaining an Falkireohan Corporalunnoticed Cadet seemed impossible for him. After Corporal Damenthus Mechazug, who also got to be his friend, dutied him with leading an entire Squad in one of Gigaflux' assaults in Loch Modan, and recovering an artifact from Uldaman, things couldn't go wrong. Flux Marshal Beepblaster promoted him to Corporal.

Now that Falk got promoted to Corporal, lots of things happened for him and the Guard. Accepted the job as Recruitment Corporal, inventing the 'Scrap-system', hosting dozens of drills and explorations, but most importantly, making friends. Especially Umbrog Steelhammer, Línky Electrobolt and Jolt Cogswhiz started to mean a lot for him since he got promoted.

One day, Línky, Umbrog and Falk went out to infiltrate the temple known as Zul’Gurub. Even though getting overwhelmed by the Gurubashi army was certain, they managed to sneak in and retrieve a trollish artifact. After examining it, it seemed the staff contained powers of the Panther High Priest of Zul’Gurub, Arlokk. Currently, Falkireohan is using it to ‘motivate’ the Guard in his drills.

Chapter Five: Enhancing with EngineeringEdit

The inheritance of his father shrinked big time in the years since he died, but Falk Engineerstill was more than enough to live properly of. Falks dream came true. He bought himself a chopper.

The same day, he went out for a road trip to Searing Gorge. But all of a sudden, kaboom, the motor of his chopper shutted down! Falkireohan, not knowing anything about Engineering but still posessing a toolbox in the buddy of his chopper, started tinkering on his chopper. And, seemingly a wonder, he fixed his chopper!

Falkireohan drove back to Ironforge, and realized engineering didn’t look so bad after all. Asking his dearest friends of The Gigaflux Guard to train him in Engineering, he started practicing in the fabulous hobby.

In the months following, Falk got taught how to tinker like the gnomes do. He managed to create real Gnomish Rocket Boots, loads of mechanical pets, and even his own Gyrocopter!

Chapter Six: Blessed as Blood ArcanistEdit

The thing with magic is, that it’s addictive. Arcanists are –always- looking for new spells to learn. When Falkireohan was reading through his Tomes and Spellsbooks in Ironforge, he stranded on two things: One, to become an Falk Blood ArcanistArchmage you’ll only need to’ve fully mastered two out of eight Magic Schools, and to know spells from five out of eight Schools. This ment he only needed to master one more School! While thinking of Conjuration to be his next School to fully master, he stranded on another thing: High Elvish Magic. The Blood Elves used to summon Phoenixes out of their bare ashes, and sometimes even out of nothing at all. If Falkireohan would learn how to do this, he’d master the Conjuration tree, meaning the title Archmage would go for him!

And of course, three days later, Falkireohan simply left a note to The Gigaflux Guard that he had to be gone for several weeks. Joining a caravan to the North, and eventually travelling with nobody but his horse, he traveled north to Elvish Lands. Using his newly discovered Elven Disguise spell, he followed the classes. Listening carefully what his teacher Ban’dinoriel had to say, he got in contact with a new power source: the sun.

Eventually leaving with the knowledge of how to summon a Phoenix without having succeeded yet, Falkireohan returned to Ironforge, and felt into a crisis directly. With the news of Flux Marshal Beepblaster being caught by a heavy Flu, asking him to lead The Gigaflux Guard as the new Flux Commander. Falkireohan got overwhelmed by the news, but after thinking about it, he took the job.

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