"Do the impossible, break the unbreakable, see the invisible, touch the untouchable!"

Blixy is one of the three first cadets in the Gigaflux Guard. She's a cheerful pink thing with an axe-fetish and the ability to find anything cute.


A long long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Blixy was born in Gnomeregan. She never had anything for engineering whatsoever, and was quickly bullied for her inability to make even one invention.

With nothing left, she only path she could follow was the one of the warrior, and quickly found out that her talents were swinging an oversized axe around.

In her earlier travels, she joined a band of cultists without her knowing what they were. After dispending poisoned apples to the population of Stormwind, they were found out and she was thrown into the holding cells of the Stormwind Office for a brief moment.

A rough ride ensued when a crazed man named Hammeri saved her for no reason at all. She fled to the Dwarven district and that was the moment she ran into Umbrog Steelhammer, and as such joined the Gigaflux Guard after playing with him and paper zeppelins.

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